Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Twenty days to Christmas, a thought for each day as we inch closer to commemorate His birth. Twenty thoughts to ponder upon this Christmas 2013.
Twenty reflections from different people to close the year wonderfully with words.

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[12/14-16] Cumulative Weekend Thoughts

Sometimes, we become too caught up in Christmas preparations that when it’s all over, we cannot appreciate fully what we have done. We treat is as a requirement to be finished before the deadline. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Our fulfillment from preparing for Christmas activities should be from the thought, not the result. Because when things don’t go the way we planned, we can’t appreciate fully what we’ve done. 

Let’s take a moment to realize that if we have the capacity to hold events and prepare activities for Christmas, we are blessed. How many people can throw several Christmas parties for different sets of friends and family? Other people are thankful that they would be able to spend it with a complete family, or at least one meal together. 

I realized this today, after all the preparations for the Christmas party at my Sunday School. I was stressing (as usual) over preparations, because in my mind, I  had an ideal outcome. Now, I already warned myself that it most probably would not turn out the way I planned exactly, which was what happened. 

The party was this Sunday morning. At the beginning, I was too blinded and distracted by circumstances, I was not able to bask in the fact that the kids were starry-eyed and excited for the party. Thank goodness I was able to see all of that before it ended. I let go and enjoyed myself, even if I did embarrass myself with that dance we did. But I have no regrets! I’m glad the kids enjoyed themselves. We would’ve pushed for something far, far better, but the time constraint prevented us from thinking way out of the box. No matter, next year will be a door for new opportunities. I’ve learned so many things this year, and it’ll be a great stepping stone for next year’s plans.

In closing, I just want to say that oftentimes we are too preoccupied with the irrelevant things that we forget the things in front of us that scream Christmas, love and contentment. Seeing the happy faces of the kids as we gave them Christmas gifts made me realize that these kids have all the reason to smile. It may not have been perfect the way I see it to be, but to them, having a celebration and enjoying the little things made it a great party. 

I’ll leave you with a line from our worship song at the party today,as we remember again why we celebrate this occasion: Christmas is a time to love.